What is my Infant baggage allowance?

Different airlines will allow you to take differing volumes of luggage for your Infant. An Infant is any child under the age of 2 who is not entitled to a seat.

With ALL airlines you do not need to pre-book the carriage of a pushchair/buggy or car seat, these are carried free of charge. In addition to these items the following 

for details on milk product carriage please click here

easyJet Hand luggage - small changing bag of 45cm x 36m x 20cm carried free (no weight limit)
Ryanair Hand Luggage - 5kgs (small baby bag)
Flybe NO additional luggage provided
Aer Lingus NO additional luggage provided
Thomas Cook Hold baggage - 10kgs on top of your allowance
Thomson Hold baggage - 10kgs on top of your allowance
Norwegian Hand luggage - a reasonable amount of baby food and milk/formula for the flight
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