What is my baggage allowance?


What is the standard pre-booked hold baggage allowance?

If you added hold baggage (suitcases) at the time of booking, the limits are shown in the table below.

If you added hold baggage after booking, the limits will be shown on your revised airline confirmation. 

NB. easyJet show the baggage allowance on their boarding passes as an icon of a suitcase.

Airline Maximum weight Maximum dimensions Further details
Aer Lingus        15kg Total dimensions 158cm Aer Lingus details  
Aer Lingus-Stobart        15kg  Total dimensions 158cm Aer Lingus details  
Easyjet        20kg for bookings made before 14/11 and 15kg for bookings made on/after 15/11 Total dimensions under 275cm EasyJet details  
Flybe        23kg No restrictions Flybe details  
Norwegian        20kg 250cm x 79cm x 112 cm Norwegian details  
Ryanair        20kg No restrictions  Ryanair details  
Thomson        20kg No restrictions Thomson details  
Thomas Cook         20kg Total dimensions 158cm  Thomas Cook details  


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