easyJet - Can I cancel my booking

easyJet are a non-refundable airline. If you cancel, you may wish to claim through your travel insurance policy. 

Please e-mail support@directline-flights.co.uk to confirm that you wish to cancel and the names of the passengers who won't be travelling, we can usually obtain any airport tax back from the airline (approx. £13 per person).

In cases of bereavement, or the serious illness of a passenger on the booking, easyJet will consider issuing a full refund. They require a Dr's/Hospital letter confirming the details, and the name of the passenger travelling. In all cases easyJet will expect the booking to be cancelled before the flight departure time/date.

Once we have received your e-mail one of the Directline Flights team will contact easyJet and submit any medical documentation on your behalf.

Typically, easyJet will ask you to allow 21 days before they respond with any decision. 

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