Ryanair Cancel Flights 2017

You may have heard the news over the weekend about Ryanair cancelling a number of flights over the next six weeks. Ryanair says this will impact up to 50 flights per day (less than 2% of flights) and that your flight will be operating as usual unless you receive an email. For the current list of cancelled flights and an explanation of your rights and options, click here.

Please rest assured that if we hear anything from Ryanair regarding your flight, we'll be in touch straight away.

We're very sorry for the uncertainty and understand why you might want to monitor the situation for yourself. For precise details of how to check the status of your flight, please follow the instructions below.

In the meantime, please don't call us to check the status of your flight, as we won't know until we hear from Ryanair. We need to keep our staff and lines free to assist customers whose flight have been cancelled.

To check on your flight booking, please carefully follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Ryanair website (see 5 below) after you've read through these instructions
  2. In the No account yet? section, Enter your 6 letter Reservation number << Test Locator >> 
  3. Enter the email address ryanair.DLF@gmail.com (Entering your own e-mail address won't work, as you booked through us).
  4. Follow the instructions from Ryanair
  5. CLICK HERE to manage your Ryanair booking


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