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Since we were last in touch, our claim has been completed and submitted to the insurer. Obviously, it has many claims to process and cannot deal with them all at the same time, but we understand that progress is being made.

These are the questions we’ve been asked most often in the past few weeks.
Q. What do I have to do to make a claim?
A. There’s nothing for you to do, as we take care of the entire process.
Q. When can I expect my refund?
A. We expect to be in a position to refund you before the end of next month – maybe sooner. We’re committed to paying out within 5 working days of receiving the funds.
Q. How will I be refunded?
A. We will make the refund directly onto the card you used to make your booking. If your card has expired, we’ll send a cheque to the lead passenger.

Q. What happens if I added extras to my flight booking, like seats or extra bags?
A. If you paid us for this, you can expect us to refund you. If you paid Monarch directly, you’ll need to claim through your bank or credit card company. You can see who you paid by checking the entries on your bank or credit card statement.
I hope this helps answer some of your questions. Thanks for your continued patience while we work with the insurer to secure your refund.






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