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Since last week, our insurers have been setting up their systems, ready to receive claims. At the same time, we’ve been busy preparing the claims and assembling all the supporting paperwork, so we can submit the claim as soon as they’re ready. Over the past ten days, these are the questions we’ve been asked most often.


Q. How are the CAA and ATOL involved in my claim?

A. They’re not. The CAA is dealing with claims only from those who booked a package holiday with the Monarch Group. We’re refunding you from our own resources, backed by the Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance which we pay on every booking.


Q.What do I have to do to make a claim?

A. There’s nothing for you to do, as we take care of the entire process.


Q. When can I expect my refund?

A. We expect to be in a position to refund you before the end of the year – maybe sooner. We’re committed to paying out within 5 working days of receiving the funds.


Q.How will I be refunded?

A. We will make the refunds directly onto the card you used to make your booking. If your card has expired, we’ll send a cheque to the lead passenger.

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